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Cheese and Your Teeth

cheese and your teeth

You may say, “Cheese!” when smiling for a picture. But did you know cheese and dairy products are also good for your teeth?

Milk, cheese, yogurt, and other dairy products can actually lower your chances of getting gum disease (periodontal disease). Gum disease can affect your gums and jaws. Advanced stages of gum disease can result in bone and tooth loss. Gum disease has also been linked with diabetes, heart attack, osteoporosis, as well as other conditions.

Cheese is one of the healthiest snacks for your teeth. In addition to providing calcium, cheese helps fight cavities. There are even some types of cheese, including cheddar, monterey jack, mozzarella, and swiss, that can decrease the plaque in your mouth and strengthen your tooth’s enamel.

Eating dairy is not only healthy for building strong bones, it is essential for maintaining a healthy, strong mouth. Next time you’re reaching for a quick snack, try some cheese or a glass of milk. Consuming diary products and a healthy diet are only part of maintaining a lifetime of healthy teeth. Remember to brush and floss your teeth daily and visit your dentist regularly.

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