Comfortable Dentistry With IV Sedation

Comfortable Dentistry With IV Sedation

Do you ever feel nervous about visiting the dentist? You are not alone. We understand that some of our patients can feel anxious about receiving dental treatment.

Our team at Centre Dentaire Lasalle works hard to ensure that you are comfortable and that you have a positive dental experience. We are pleased to offer IV sedation for patients who need some extra comfort.

IV sedation uses medication that helps patients relax during their dental procedure. Before any treatment begins, your doctor will gently place an IV with medication to help you relax. You will stay awake during the procedure. You will simply feel instantly calmed and relaxed. Once the treatment is complete, you will wake up with little or no memory of the appointment.

Advantages of IV Sedation Dentistry

  • No pain — There is very little discomfort. Many patients wake up feeling relaxed and comfortable.
  • Works quickly — When the medicine is delivered, you will almost instantly feel a sense of calmness. The dentist can continually adjust the level of sedation.
  • Reduces anxiety — You will feel instantly relaxed, without any anxiety or nervousness.
  • Safe — Sedation dentistry is a safe and effective way for patients to receive dental treatments.
  • Can have an amnesia effect — You will be awake during the dental procedure, but you may have little to no memory of it.

Some patients can feel groggy or sleepy after IV sedation, so it’s important to have a designated driver for the drive home.

If you feel you could benefit from IV sedation or sedation dentistry, please contact us.  You can reach us at (514) 364-3366 or click here to visit our website. Also be sure to visit our Facebook page to keep up with information that affect your dental health and wellness.

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