Can Brushing Too Hard Damage Your Teeth?

can brushing too hard damage your teeth

When we say “brush your teeth,” we really mean “brush your teeth and gums.” One of the most common causes of gum problems is a lack of flossing. Over time, gum neglect can lead to bleeding gums and sometimes more severe problems, like gingivitis and gum disease.

There are some people who pay too much attention to their gums. They brush them so hard that they start to recede up and away from their teeth. Receding gums leave sensitive parts of the tooth exposed, which can lead to discomfort and infection.

When it comes to brushing your teeth, softer is better. The plaque and bacteria in your mouth can be more effectively removed with a softer, gentler scrub. If you are brushing too hard, we have some tips to help you clean more carefully.

Lighten up: Make a point of brushing more gently. Ask a family member to watch you brush and remind you when you are brushing too hard.

Find a new angle: Make sure your toothbrush bristles are contacting your gums at a 45-degree angle. This can reduce the force of your brush against your gums.

Use an electric toothbrush: If you can train yourself to brush softly, invest in a quality battery-powered toothbrush. These power toothbrushes give your teeth and gums a steady, consistent and gentle scrubbing.

Try a soothing toothpaste: If you have a serious case of receding gums, your dentist can prescribe a special desensitizing toothpaste that can reduce discomfort and promote healthier gums.

If your gums are straining from the pressure of excessive brushing, there is a solution. We can help repair your gums and prevent the situation from getting worse. You can reach us at (514) 364-3366 or click here to visit our website. Also be sure to visit our Facebook page to keep up with information that affect your dental health and wellness.

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