Sugar and Your Teeth

Easter Sweets

With Easter right around the corner and chocolate bunnies and eggs piling high in your home, we wanted to remind you that eating too many sugary foods and drinks can lead to tooth decay.

When you eat sugary foods, your mouth’s natural bacteria work with sugar to multiply itself. Over time this turns into plaque, which can eat away at your tooth’s enamel causing cavities. If left untreated, these cavities will continue to grow and can lead to more severe dental problems.

Our modern diets include several types of sugar:
> Fructose: Naturally found in fruit and often added to processed food.
> Glucose: Found in starchy, carbohydrate rich foods.
> Lactose: Found in milk products and it is the least acidic of the sugars.
> Sucrose: Commonly known as table sugar.
> Maltose: Also known as malt sugar, created from barely and used to brew beer.

A great alternative to sugary foods and drinks is xylitol sweetened gum. It is chemically similar to sugar, but will not cause decay. In fact, it can reduce and even control existing tooth decay.

Have a very happy and healthy Easter long weekend, just remember to enjoy all the delicious sugar foods in moderation. If you have any questions or concerns about sugar and your oral health, please contact our office at (514) 364-3366 or click here to visit our website. Also, be sure to visit our Facebook page to keep up with information that affect your dental health and wellness.

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