Do You Have Sensitive Teeth?

sensitive teeth

At some point, you may experience sensitivity to hot/cold food and drinks. This discomfort can range from mild to severe and it can affect your daily life and eating habits. Here are some ways to help you avoid sensitive teeth:

> Choose the Right Brush
Always use a soft bristled toothbrush. It can safely clean your teeth without causing additional gum recession.
> Brush Your Teeth Daily
Keeping your teeth and gums healthy helps reduce the risk of exposing the nerves in your mouth to irritations.
> Avoid Acidic Foods
Consuming foods/drinks that are highly acidic can dissolve tooth enamel, causing them to become more sensitive.
> Use Sensitivity Toothpaste
Regularly using toothpaste for sensitive teeth can help decrease discomfort.
> Protect Your Teeth
Clenching or grinding your teeth at night can wear away tooth enamel.  Protect your teeth at night, wear a custom night guard.

If you commonly experience tooth sensitivity, talk to your dentist.  We can recommend a solution, specifically catered to your needs, to help you eat/drink more comfortably.

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